Transportation and Power Generation are the two leading industries in the search for alternative energies, in an effort to improve their operating costs and their sustainability. Transportation is the sector that consumes the largest percentage of Petroleum production at 70%, which represents 90% of its consumption. Power Generation is the sector that consumes the largest percentage of Coal production at 90%, which represents 49% of its consumption. Both Industries have turned their interest towards the other major sources of energy available: Natural Gas and Autogas.


The rapid growth of alternative energy usage in the Transportation industry is only limited by the pace of the development of its infrastructure. There are solutions for on-highway and off-highway applications. The main focus of the industry has been the conversion of commercial and industrial vehicles to CNG, LNG and LPG. As the technology improves, it is now developed to be used on bigger engines used on locomotives and ships.

Both gasoline and diesel engines are being converted to run as mono-fuel, bi-fuel or dual fuel engines. These solutions are offered as Original Equipment as well as Conversion kits.

SMP’s products have been successfully validated on OEM applications as well as Aftermarket. They are currently used on applications in Korea, China, India, Thailand, the USA and Canada.

Power Generation

The use of Natural Gas in the Power Generation industry is not new but is expanding. Natural Gas is preferred to coal as a cleaner burning fuel. Advances in technology allow Natural Gas to have a double impact: the gas is burnt in a combustion turbine while the exhaust gas is used to make steam and drive a steam turbine that generates electricity.

Natural Gas and AutoGas are displacing diesel and gasoline on a number of genset applications due to their costs, immediate availability, and supply. Typical gensets range from 8kW to 60kW depending on their applications, residential or commercial, and up to 4,300kW in industrial applications.

SMP’s products are a perfect fit for these types of applications.