SMP designs and manufactures an array of sensors, including ABS Speed, Vehicle Speed, Temperature, Cam/Crank, Throttle Position, EGR Position and Pressure, Knock, Barometric, Fuel Vent, Mass Air Flow, Fuel Level, and Yaw Rate sensors.

Certain SMP® sensors can be used on internal combustion engines regardless of fuel type. SMP also develops sensors specifically for alternative energy applications. Our sensors exemplify the manufacturing and design that goes into every part we make. 

Air Charge / Manifold Temperature Sensors

The Air Charge/Manifold Temperature sensor is used by the computer to measure air density for fuel mixture control.  The computer uses this information to trim the air/fuel ratio according to the air density.

100% factory tested to ensure trouble-free performance

Sensor design specifies tight tolerance thermistor response values to assure accuracy of the temperature measurement and proper part operation

Coolant Temperature Sensors

The Coolant Temperature sensor changes resistance with the temperature. The Coolant Temperature sensor is critical to many PCM functions such as fuel injection, ignition timing, variable valve timing, and transmission shifting.

100% factory tested proper resistance value at specified temperature

Primary thermistor wire leads resistance welded to connector terminals to ensure a reliable electrical connection in an environment of high vibration and changing temperature

Precision machined brass housing to maximize thermal conductivity between sensor body and coolant

Glass fiber reinforced plastic polymer connector insures excellent dimensional stability and proper mating connector fit over a wide range of temperature extremes

Housing has tapered pipe threads for a tight fit in the mounting location

Grease is applied inside brass housing to facilitate heat transfer with thermistors

MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) Sensors

The MAP sensor converts engine vacuum/manifold pressure to an electrical signal so the computer knows how much load the engine is under. This data is the basis for fuel delivery and timing control.

Precise automated wire bonding equipment and inspection processes for repeatable and reliable electrical connections

100% tested prior to shipping for sensor output voltage vs. pressure and response function

The case is high temperature glass reinforced plastic and is designed to create a hermetically sealed cavity for the sensor on one side with the port for pressure on the other

100% tested during the manufacturing process for electronic component assembly and connectivity